At Immerse we are all about making you look and feel better, younger and fresher!  Whether you are concerned with fine lines and wrinkles, saggy skin or acne, we have something for you

Collagen Induction
Also known as Dermapen. This gentle needling causes skin cells to make new growth factors, collagen and elastin, which in turn make skin smoother, firmer and more radiant.
Pigmentation issues? Dermapen will help
Fine lines and wrinkles you want reduced? Dermapen will help!
Saggy skin? Stretchmarks? Scarring? Congestion? Dermapen will help! Dermapen is the answer to most skin concerns. Not only is the skins natural healing process activated to improve all these concerns but the solutions put on the skin at the time of the treatment have an increased absorption into the deeper layers of the skin. We can use specific solutions for your concerns.
Full face, neck & décolleté $250

Results on pigmentation and scarring after 1 Jessner Peel with Dermapen using a De-pigmentation Solution

Mesoestetics are a European award winning cosmesuetical range for their amazing peel treatments. Whether you are concerned with aging, pigmentation, congestion, acne or scarring we have a Mesopeel suitable for you! Book a Skin consultation or talk to one of your therapists about what we can do for you.
LED mini Facial with Mesopeel $140

Acne Special
Azelan conytains BHA’s, AHA’s and Salicylic. This peel is anti-bacterial, anit-fungal, anti-inflammatory, that will help absorb excess oil, and gently exfoliate the skin. Followed by the healing properties of LED this is the ideal treatment for anyone concerned with breakouts, congestion, acne.
Azelan Peel with LED normally $140

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment
Concerned with age spots, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles on the backs of the hands? We have designed a beautiful hand treatment to not only make your hands look fresher and younger but it will also ease aches and pains.
Receive a Pure Fiji Milk bath cleanse, coconut scrub, Anti-aging AHA peel, Nourishing & Hydrating Mask and to finish a Paraffin Hand Treatment.
20minutes $50


Do you suffer from pigmentation?

The Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel is a unique, multi-ingredient chemical treatment designed to reduce areas of any skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Dull skin, dry areas, dark spots, blemishes, and acne scars can be significantly reduced with the this treatment. Discoloration due to Melasma and Chloasma can be eliminated. Within a week of your peel, you will notice skin blemishes are beginning to fade, and a brighter a complexion is breaking through. After a couple weeks, the skin will take on a shiny, healthier glow. These results will continue to improve over the fourth or fifth week, when the full benefits of a Cosmelan Peel can be seen.
This 7 month treatment Cost $2,000
This includes your initial full set of skin care products valued at $1277

“Pigmentation is something I personally suffer with, it’s been a constant battle since my 2nd pregnancy. I am absolutely thrilled with the results I have received having a Cosmelan treatment. I get comments daily on the changes in my skin.
Not only has my pigmentation reduced significantly but my acne has cleared, congestion is gone, my skin is smoother, brighter and younger looking!”

Becky Wilde

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